About Outta Place

Outta Place is a not for profit arts organization founded in Hebden Bridge, Calderdale in 2010.

We are passionate about using the digital and performing arts to help bring about social change for young people.

To date we have explored the application of a range of art forms and have had the joy to produce interventions and festivals based on these explorations. Throughout 2011 we decided to streamline our offer, subsequently dance, music and technology are currently our key focus areas.

Dance is often contemporary and sometimes street. Currently we are developing models that embrace dance with music production where both forms influence each other. Young people experience new fusions of creativity. Within these models the application of Telepresence is sometimes used so groups of young artists can communicate and share with their peers regardless of geographical location.

We are interested in today’s youth culture and we constantly strive to develop work that pushes young people both creatively and socially.

We are a group made up of producers, artists, collaborators, educators and entrepreneurs.

Through experimental and cutting edge arts young people can experience a transformation in their lives, which often involves a subtle shift of perspective. From an inward to a more outward view of the world.

We have worked with groups of young people from all walks of life and we are honored to do so.

A huge thanks to all our supporters:

  • Calderdale Council
  • Arts Council England
  • British Council
  • Youth Music
  • Contact
  • Dance United Yorkshire
  • Square Chapel
  • Orange Box
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