HVAC technicians should be equipped with a complete set of tools. These tools can be used for a variety of tasks, including tightening and loosening pipes and gas connections. A set of pliers can also be useful, as they allow technicians to manipulate different types of wire, cables, and bolts. These tools should be lightweight and comfortable to hold.

A light hammer is the most common tool used by HVAC service technicians. A heavy hammer can make it difficult to work in tight places, so it’s important to purchase a hammer that’s lightweight and convenient to carry. The hammer should also be durable and multi-purpose. Hammers can be made of wood or metal and can have a rubber handle for a firmer grip.

A leak detector is another essential tool for HVAC technicians. These tools can identify leaks in HVAC systems, and can even detect those that are hard to detect. Dedicated leak detectors can also be used for this purpose. These tools can also help HVAC technicians measure airflow, air mixtures, and humidity. Hand seamers are another tool required by HVAC technicians, as they can bend and flatten sheet metal.

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