In the field of HVAC maintenance, fewer companies do a better job than those who use best practices. Proper care extends equipment life, improves comfort, and maximizes uptime. By following these best practices, facility operators can confirm that their HVAC systems are functioning properly and reduce operating costs. Here are three such practices:

Invest in training. In the HVAC industry, training and education is critical. New technologies and standards are being developed all the time. Employees must be trained to stay on top of the latest trends in HVAC work. Training is crucial to the success of your business. You may even be able to save money on commercial space leases.

Consider using occupancy sensors. They can simplify air changes and control lighting levels. Use multiple redundant sensors, and program them properly to ensure that they sense occupants. These sensors are connected to your HVAC controls system. With proper programming, you can ensure that occupants have the correct settings for the room. These sensors can even be hardwired.

Using social media regularly to engage with customers is crucial to your HVAC business’s online marketing strategy. Not only will it enhance the comfort of your living space, but you will also be able to reduce the costs of HVAC maintenance. According to the Institute for Building Efficiency, proper maintenance can reduce energy costs by as much as five to 40 percent.